Japan’s automotive designer Toyota will soon officially introduce in Tokyo a new vehicle model called the 2019 Toyota Mirai, a hydrogen fuel cell, symbolically called “Mirai”, which in Japanese means the future. The Toyota Mirai 2019, a vehicle that only has water for a show, is a pioneer who will contribute to a hydrogen-based society.

In addition to advanced fuel cell technology and environmental performance, the 2019 Mirai is fun to drive, has a striking futuristic design and offers a quiet and very comfortable ride. The new 2019 Toyota Mirai will be available in the UK, Germany and Denmark. The sale will soon begin in Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. In addition to Europe. Mirai is sold in Japan and the United States.

2019 Toyota Mirai - front

2019 Toyota Mirai – Looks and Shape

The 2019 Toyota Mirai is a mid-size three-seater limousine with performances that fully match traditional SUS engines. What’s different is that this car does not use gasoline and emits a water vapor through the “exhaust system”. As mentioned, driving autonomy is up to 500 km with a full tank. It is powered by a state-of-the-art fuel cell-based drive, and is a major milestone in the category of zero-emission cars.

A high degree of safety also applies to the protection of the fuel cell box and the high-pressure tank. New 2019 Mirai will also include a wide array of standard security technologies, including collision avoidance systems, dead-end monitoring, lane departure warning system, automatic light beam, etc. Toyota believes that the exceptional features this car has to offer is “compatible” with special proprietary experience. Toyota is committed to fulfilling its promise.

2019 Toyota Mirai - interior

2019 Toyota Mirai – Whole Power Unit

The patented Toyota fuel cell design represents a tremendous step towards achieving high performance, delivering 3.1 kW / liter with extremely reduced package dimensions. The cells are located below the driver’s and passenger’s seat. The system provides 155 hp and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in about 9.0 seconds. As well as the inter mediation of 40 to 65 km / h in 3 seconds. In addition, thanks to the versatility and adaptability of fuel cell technology, the Mirai offers performance that far outstrips traditional cars.

In fact, the vehicle will be offered with an optional PTO (power take off) auxiliary power take-off device. That can serve as a mobile generator in case of need. With a PTO device, the Mirai can meet the basic requirements of an average household for up to a week, emitting only water in the process. Toyota’s high-power fuel cell range and optimum battery control system are powered by an electric motor. And guarantee a powerful response at all speeds of the vehicle.

This allows instantaneous increase in torque at the first pressure of the accelerator pedal. As well as a strong and smooth acceleration. The stability and comfort of driving are increased due to the position of the main parts, such as Toyota’s fuel cell assembly and high-pressure hydrogen tank underneath the floor in order to achieve low weight and perfect weight distribution between the front and rear. This is further accelerated by an extremely rigid body, which is particularly reinforced around the rear suspension.

2019 Toyota Mirai - rear

2019 Toyota Mirai – When can it be seen on the road?

The price information and the date when the latest model will be presented to the audience is not yet available.

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