The latest model of the Supra for 2018, Toyota will be presenting to the world’s public for only a couple of weeks most likely via the Internet, but is officially presented at the Geneva Car Salon. The sports car, developed in partnership with the BMW, will not be sold under Toyota labels, but will carry the emblem of Gazoo Racing. Insider information says that the new Supra will be differentiated into four basic levels: Supra Supra, Supra GR, Supra GR Sport and Supra GRMN. From the latest 2019 Toyota Supra you can expect different performance, fantastic looks and comfy interior. The fraternal model compared to Toyota Supra, the BMW Z4 is also expected in sales outlets throughout the year, but the model with Gazoo’s signature is already on the market in the second half of the year.

2019 Toyota Supra - front

2019 Toyota Supra – Innovations in the Exterior and Interior

There is not much detail in the picture and we can see the part of the hood, the one as well as the door, but it is enough to see what this car is like. So, we can immediately see that it is a small sports car that will be a cup and will not have the function of transporting people, but to provide a great driving experience for both drivers and riders.

Because of the camouflage on the car, they cannot exactly see the lines of the new car , but there is a massive air intake on the side that tells us that Toyota was thinking well of aerodynamics and cooling of the braking system. We can also see that the headlights are of the latest generation and that they have a LED bulb so that we believe that the phenomenal LED daylight will be awaiting us. There are no other details about Supers, but rumors rummage that this car weighs 1,496 kg.

2019 Toyota Supra - interior

2019 Toyota Supra – Modifications in the Engine

What is still unknown is which drive unit will drive a Japanese car. Although there were rumors of line and even V6 turbo petrol, the lazy mention of the 2.0-liter turbo petrol that will develop the BMW. The Toyota part of the deal will be “pairing” with the new generation of its own hybrid drive. And in the end, Supra would have about 350 hp.

What has been confirmed is that the new Toyota sports car will have three electric motors – one back that will ” gasoline generator, as well as two advanced electromotors, for each point in particular. By doing so, it means that Toyota Supra 2019 will have a four-point drive, not just the rear axle, as it initially speculates. At the same time, thanks to the BMW, for the first time, Toyota will find a transmission with double clutch.

2019 Toyota Supra - rear

2019 Toyota Supra – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

The official presentation date has not always been published. Also, the price of the new 2019 Toyota Supra is still under mystery. It just keeps us waiting for the premiere of the new 2019 Toyota Supra. And then we’ll find out all the details.

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